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A future of Green business practices

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Aiming to implement energy sustainability models in its’ space, CoLab Athens values highly the importance of environmentally friendly policies adopted by companies.

For that reason, a new series of events started yesterday at CoLab Athens with focus on green entrepreneurship and the creation of a network of green companies in Greece. The initial idea came from Green and Green Evolution SA, while CoLab fully supports the initiative by hosting these events.

Vasilis Nikolopoulos, from Intelen, a company in energy informatics using clever and innovative techniques to measure the energy consumption of individuals and companies, explained that Intelen aims to build social awareness in the direction of saving energy in our homes and workplaces. So in a further step of innovative practices, apart from monitoring power consumption, Intelen promotes the use of social media as a means of publishing and competing for excellence in better energy consumption practices. As a consequence, through these clever social energy networks, built over gamification processes, companies build a green profile and engage in a “competition’’ with other companies for the lowest energy consumption, while as Mr Nikolopoulos pointed out, green CRS and ISO policies can speed up this kind of engagement. Intelen is about to develop among other innovative tools, the Building Process Analytics, which will provide consumption insights of every aspect within a building.

If someone understands the new era of digital media that is Vasilis Giakamozis, founder and managing director of Planet Interactive and e-na; He and his team have developed a unique digital platform in Greece, for the digital distribution of newspapers, magazines and books. Considering the fact that 2.400.000 trees are cut for the production of 300.000.000 paper editions each year in Greece, e-na seems to have the right solution for protecting the environment. Publishers, obtain more remote subscribers, increasing their revenues, saving on printing and distribution costs. As Mr Giakamouzis pointed out, the e-na platform has been developed for smart phones and tablets.

In a nutshell, green entrepreneurship seems to be the way to follow and not the exception, for a sustainable future. “Only after the last tree has been cut down…the last river has been poisoned…the last fish caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.” Cree Indian prophesy

The article was first published on CoLab under the title ”A future of Green business practices” 

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